A pointless high school sorority located in the southeastern region of the state of georgia. It is basically a group of catty, slutty, dumb high school girls who do nothing but party, get drunk, sleep around, get pregnant, and talk shit about other members behind their back due to being insecure about their own issues. They claim to be all "goody two shoes" and to help out the community. But this is all bullshit. Rush week for the pirates involves a series of stupid themed days in which the girls stuff their fat thighs into Winnie the Pooh halloween costumes that no longer fit from 4th grade (and yes they look like fucking retards). Of course they never include outsiders. Its always the doctor's children, the wealthy sea islanders, and the stuck up southern dance addicts who always make the cut. If you are an outsider from the north you might as well forget it. No way are you getting in. But then again, why would you want to be apart of this criticizing and self esteem bashing group of hoes anyway?
Anna- "Hey Jessica, wanna rush for pirates of the spanish main."

Jessica- "I'd rather gouge my eyes out"
by tonkatonk12 May 25, 2011
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