A Pirate Whore is a woman that tears throw your money, heart, and sole. Like she is pillaging a boat. She will easily leave you for a friend, or a family member, as if nothing that she has done is wrong. They tend to be nice, till they get what they want, and then it’s downhill from there. This allusive creature has been known to get married to people, and thrive off of them for years. Then come out, and destroy everything. They are very dangerous, and you should use caution when in the same room, or car.
Did you hear about what she did to mark?? Yeah, what a Pirate Whore.
by xxxxxmarkthesharkxxx May 31, 2011
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noun; pie-rit hore

a female that will basically get naked or screw anything with a heartbeat and needs constant attention primarily from random males. Dwells on whore island

generally has some sort of webcam or website that displays semi to fully nude pictures of themselves.

usually is always horny or willing to have sex for money.
tends to have low self esteem and is never usually the same person as pictured

see also; chickenhead
Last night i recieved an email from a dirty pirate whore.
by migeezie May 08, 2006
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A skank whore who loves having sex with dirty scurvy ridden pirates. Pirate Whores usually go by the name Ava.
That skanky woman blowing that pirate over there goes by the name of Ava the Pirate Whore.
by Captain Scurvy Pirate October 14, 2007
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In other words, mariana. A pirate whore is a girl that is a bitch (pirate) and extremely sexually active (whore). He/she is someone who is not very trustworthy and lies in order to get manipulate people.
Mariana, your such a pirate whore for manipulating me.
by Piyinski April 20, 2008
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A derogatory phrase that implies the subject has an unclean oral orifice and uses said unclean orifice to perform oral acts with persons who may commit or have committed illegal acts or violence at sea.
"You shut your dirty pirate whore mouth! Yea, I said it."

by Facetious Lady September 02, 2008
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Someone with the initials of AA or JM: Also known as someone who is just being Faggy(see faggy) and may do annoying things like jump on your bed, making annoying noises, and becomes obsessed with new found adult desires which become the focus of their lives and the lives of their friends who are desperately trying to get them laid so they will stop bitching about it.
Person 1-"Hey what the hell are you doing Jenny?"
Jenny/ Dirty Fudge Packing Pirate Whore-" Giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle jump jump loud noises, blah blah blah, sex"
Person 1- "Damit Jennifer stop penetrating my bed with your moist feet you dirty fudge packing pirate whore!"
by Mailman-222 Kitty lick lick January 08, 2012
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