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A pirate costume consists most typically of three basic components:
- a shirt (not a t-shirt)
- full-length trousers
- a belt
- a vest
It is then accessorised with some of the following:
- a plastic or cardboard sword
- a headscarf or bandana
- a hook
- an eyepatch
- a parrot

The following rules concern the wearing of pirate costumes:
1. Each person may own only one pirate costume.
2. One must drink alcohol whenever wearing a pirate costume.
3. Pirate costumes may never be washed, unless the pirate jumps into a natural body of water while wearing the costume.
4. If three pirates high-five to a rule, then it becomes law for all pirates at all future pirate-nights.
5. Pirate laws may never be made up while not dressed as pirates.
6. Pirate costumes overrule any theme: i.e., one may go to any themed occasion at which there is alcohol in a pirate costume.
Terrance: I'm going to put on a pirate costume.
by Β‘Aspirex! June 18, 2006
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