a person who is forced to be the first to do something they don't want to do, but circumstances have left that person with no other options.
Kris: "no other medication has worked, I have no choice but to take this experimental drug. But, I don't know what the side-effects are. I don't want to be the example for others if something goes wrong. I am an unwilling pioneer."
Dave: that sucks man
by Maves December 12, 2012
A "Poon Pioneer" is someone who explores unchartered virgin waters, deflowers and leaves his "mark" behind.
Mike: *breaks hymen*
Hannah: "You sure are a really experienced poon pioneer, aren't you?"
Mike: "Mazel tov baby!"
by worms4lyfez March 16, 2011
A crazy group of lunatics that believe that their way of life is the only correct way to live. They constantly try to impose their beliefs on others. They are anti gay and lesbian and anti sex education in schools. They got their start by opposing a teen pep program in Clearview Regional High School. They are few and far between but cause a great deal of problems to a community and local school boards. Are generally associated with religious fanatics that are blind to the people around them. Same group of people tried to have Harry Potter books removed from libraries for being anti religion and corrupting the minds of the young. People in this group are completely crazy and only cause a nascence for people around them.
pure pioneers crazy sex education anti sex education anti Harry Potter religious fanatics anti gay anti lesbian
by With a clear view February 26, 2009
a person who is forced to be the first to do something that they do not want to, but see no other choice.
no other medication has worked for me, so I have no other choice than to take this experimental drug. But, I don't want to be an example for others if it has some unforeseen side-effects. I am an unwilling pioneer. I don't want to be the reason that there is a disclaimer "may cause anal leakage" as a possible side-effect at the end of the commercial for that drug.
by Maves December 12, 2012
The act of inserting an exploratory thumb into the anus of a girl whilst in the doggy position. If this is met with a positive reaction, or indeed no response, it can be taken as permission to change holes.
Friend 1: Did you shag her then?
Pioneer: Yeah, fucked her up the arse and everything. She was a right dirty slut.
Friend 1: Sound, how did you manage that?!
Pioneer: Well you know, just slipped in the pioneering thumb.
Friends 2 : Unbelievable tekkers.
by GenghisKorn October 3, 2010
When you grow out your scruff and then go down on a freshly shaven pussy. You give her a good scrape with the beard and hear her whistle.
I just got back from camping and gave that bitch a Pioneer Whistle!
by Harry Ballsteen June 26, 2006
Rather ridiculous holiday in Utah. When the Mormon's entered the valley. Another excuse to shut down the liquor stores.
Are you going to the Pioneer Day celebration? Nah, it's illegal to be drunk in public.
by Delthram July 24, 2013