To exclusively date virgins and then take their virginity shortly after. After taking the virginity the "Pioneer" will find new territory to discover.
Ex 1.
-"Dude I heard that Tony took another girl's virginity last night!"

-"I know, I heard. That dude is a master at Pioneering!"

Ex 2.
-"Some guy named Jeremy took my virginity last night, but when I woke up he was gone."

-"Ugh he sounds like such a Pioneer."
by JafeelForReal May 14, 2014
You boys are getting as close as .Pioneer. and Xargon!
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
Pioneer also makes pro DJ equipment. This includes CDJ 800's and 1000's (as well as cheaper, lesser quality models that no one cares about), and of course, mixers. Check out for more info.
Damn man those CDJ 1000's are HOT!!! And expensive too!!!
by Home slice February 25, 2005
A girl who goes from group of guys to other group of guys.
She's settles and bang though guys and then starts a new settlement with another group of guys. HOE FASHO.
That girl was a pioneer, she chilled with us last week and now shes hanging out with john and his friends this week.
by Jose flthy August 12, 2012
Somebody who used the internet before any of the major sites (like myspace facebook youtube and even google) were around. Internet pioneers were the first users of the internet, and they know what they're doing when they go online.
Person1: Why is my internet being stupid?
Person2: Try clearing your cache and cookies.
Person1: Wow you are so smart, you must be an internet pioneer.
by darkshadow29 July 30, 2010
A snow pioneer is the first person who treads through any amount of snow greater than ankle height. As a result, this pioneer will suffer the consequences of stepping into deep snow, however their sacrifice will allow the people who follow through those very same footsteps to remain relatively unaffected by the snow.
We have to cut across this field! Thank god for the snow pioneer, without their trail of footsteps, my socks would be soaked!
by Pbu March 9, 2008
Very large breast of size DD or larger.
"Holy huge, look at that woman's mammary ducts" says Harry.

"That's a breast you want on the great frontier" Replies Franky.

"Hilarious Franky! I got an idea, lets call it a Pioneer Boob!"

by Stan KE Pinky March 30, 2021