a smelly pussy that no man can stand not even steve.
wow!!!, toni had one bad pink stink it was like putin' my head in tuna
by pimp May 24, 2003
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The Pink Stinks are a crazy ass gang outta central MA. They attack from two anlges, the pink and the stink. You don't want to mess with this gang cause they will bring it to you straight no chaser. So back the fuck up or get slapped the fuck up, bitch. Pink Stinks running this 'Boro Shit. What
Yo pink stinks been running shit round these boros brah. Watch out!
by 24Pink14Stink March 31, 2009
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Informal term connoting, gender-specific, female flatulence.
"God, what is that smell?"
"Pink Stink."
"Pink Stink?"
"Yeah, I was talking to that girl over there. She farted then left. What you're smelling is her pink stink."
"It's definitely not made of sugar and spices."
"No, it is not."
by The Great Canadian dogfox December 01, 2017
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