Born from Big Dick Energy this is the female equivalent. Displaying confidence without cockiness in a strong feminine way. More commonly said as PPE
Damn that girl Ariana walks like she is oozing with Pink Pussy Energy
by Rnsmltn July 25, 2018
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A feeling or horniness in girls. Also reffered to as P3 (p cubed)
Stop masturbating and get a man to take care of your pink pussy problems!
by KolleenJ November 17, 2016
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Right after the man creampies the girl he grabs her tits and twists them like the throttle on a Harley Davidson and begins yelling brum brum brum brum imitating the sound of a motorcycle.
"Gustavo gave me the Pink Pussy Harley last night. My tits are so sore from him twisting them around. He must drive his pink Harley fast with how hard he grabbed my tits".

Matt pulled up on his pink Harley and told us how he rang a girl's tits out last night. Said he gave her the pink pussy Harley after he busted in her ass.
by Bigdaddydumper69 May 13, 2021
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An individual who dons a pink-pussy-hat.
There were so many pink-pussy-hatters marching outside the Trump rally.
by Tree House Eikaiwa October 07, 2018
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