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when you go out on the town and have a big night on the wild turkey and gas. you end up running into the billopotamus you had an unnexpected affair with back in the sixties. you get to chatting and find yourself back into the same position as you were back in the sixties. when you end up back at her place giving her the fist in the ass of a life time to the beat of the locomotion. all for the greater good of her severe constipation. on point of her climax you release your fist from her ass and she relieves her steaming feices all over your chest. picking up the biggest solidist piece of shit in the pile and she procedes to entertain hersellf masturbating the biggest piece of feices and finally cumming all over the fieces on your chest.
i went on a bucks party the other night and ended up having a pinchy winchy cleveland steamer express. it was horrible because she had aids and her periods along with down syndrome.
by midge101 July 26, 2010
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