The application of a pillow over the face of a particularly needy or annoying patient with enough force to occlude the airway, resulting in the patient's demise. See also: negative patient care outcome,bit the shit, and knock their dick in the dirt.
If that patient in room 3604 presses his call light one more time, nurse Heidi is going to ask her tech Kevin to apply pillow therapy.
by Dr. Joe August 10, 2004
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Terminally ill patient requiring/desiring physician-assisted suicide.
Mr. Smith stroked-out. He's in desparate need of pillow therapy.
by Mike Ellis October 01, 2003
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to cut a hole big enough to put your penis in so that you could fuck the shit out of it. (You can also do this Pillow therapy with your mattress.)
by Justin February 14, 2005
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Late night discussions with your lover in bed that are therapeutic to both partners.
Jack was going through a rough patch at work but regular pillow therapy with his girlfriend helped preserve his sanity.
by AxonL February 19, 2020
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