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The most amazing fort where magic happens. Its soft fluffyness will protect you from damage. Although, it doesn't do much good against a flamethrower. But still, insulation biatch!
Let's build a pillow fort!
by Nerdbot January 06, 2015
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A Magic: The Gathering term for a player who protects themselves with enchantments/artifacts so that they are almost impossible to attack
My fried built a Pillow Fort deck, it's almost impossible to get my creatures through!
by FelixMortem May 26, 2018
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A fort made of pillows mainly made by little kids, teenage cupples who want to make out in privacy.
Me and Sarah made a pillow fort last night. Guess who made it to second base!
by Inamedmydogfreddy June 09, 2015
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