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The most amazing fort where magic happens. Its soft fluffyness will protect you from damage. Although, it doesn't do much good against a flamethrower. But still, insulation biatch!
Let's build a pillow fort!
by Nerdbot January 06, 2015
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A Magic: The Gathering term for a player who protects themselves with enchantments/artifacts so that they are almost impossible to attack
My fried built a Pillow Fort deck, it's almost impossible to get my creatures through!
by FelixMortem May 26, 2018
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A fort made of pillows mainly made by little kids, teenage cupples who want to make out in privacy.
Me and Sarah made a pillow fort last night. Guess who made it to second base!
by Inamedmydogfreddy June 09, 2015
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A new blog platform in beta as of Dec.2018 aiming to do for fan blogs what ao3 did for fan fic due to the mismangement of Tumblr.
Hey did you here Tumblr is purging all "adult content?"
No, that cant be right I got 12 ask from porn-bots yesterday.

Yeah, it was supposed to purge bots but instead just flagged user content and deleted a bunch of real user accounts.
Fuck it, I'm paying to join the Pillowfort beta. I need porn comics
by cybertronisdeadandsoarewe December 09, 2018
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