When ya mate has one too many spliffydoo’s and can barely open his eyes
Oi, Jackary is already absolutely pikey eye’d
by Peachyjohnson May 8, 2021
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A Barbecue consisting of traveler foke at a (pikey) site. Normally consisting of all 400 cousins,parents,siblings/partners. This normally consists of a set of burning tires and a frying pan/shopping trolley on top cooking wild game they poached that day.
Alrite mate you coming down the site for a pikeys BBQ, got a load of tires to burn a shopping trolley and a pan I stole from Lydle! After we can have a fight in the mud.
by Wordworrior March 8, 2020
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A bare knuckle boxing stance that the strike is so sudden and powerful that it's almost unholy.
Only a few know how to hit fucking pikey style!
by Beanergeuise November 12, 2020
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Theft of something with little to no value risking everything
Stealing a lighter, risking your life for it. Pikey styley
by vallan August 17, 2013
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A Doka Pikey is a person who collects scrap normally in the back of a flat bed van. The vans are known as Doka's
Here comes the Doka Pikey to take that old washing machine away
by Jemlocks October 6, 2016
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A once time traveller with no fixed abode, but can be seen living in rented (normally council owned/run) property. They have usually lived in or currently own a house with wheels predominantly on farmland/ Private land. They may appear civilised but , like foxes they are wild and cannot be tamed and should be shot. There political views are generally conservative and resist progress at every turn , due to them aspiring to live like a victorian peasant.
that James B is such an "urban Pikey"
by jessica cheung October 16, 2010
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