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A pike pussy is a wimpy-type individual who fly fishes for northern pike under a strick code of ethics covering proper etiquette, drinking, emotional behavior, personal hygiene and style of living. The evolution of a pike pussy began in the early 21 century with the goal of attaining a status eqivalent to Scotland’s renowned St. Andrews Golf Club.
It is suggested that when a Pike Pussy falls down he momentarily reduce his alcoholic intake. If a pike pussy gets injured, for example, imbeds a hook in his finger he should remain calm, fetch bolt-cutters, remove hook, and apply Vagisil. The remainder of the day the patient may be called a Dumbass Pussy. If you accidentally or intentionally hook your fishing partner, remove hook before next cast. If it is a simple clothing-hook, this is considered a no-harm-no-foul infraction, but if you hook him in the ass then a heartfelt apology should be given.
by Sir Roger Ayers October 24, 2007
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