To pigeon hole is to have male homosexual sex using ranch dressing as the lubricant, thus when it's over, the ranch dressing oozes out, like pigeon shit.
by wpi-anonymous February 22, 2006
Describes a person who's actions are as annoying as what comes out of a pigeons butthole: Slimy, white, and runny little shit that nobody likes and is hard to get rid of
Annoyed driver: That damn Pigeon Hole just cut me off!
by mr.purple April 28, 2015
Where a man/woman places bird seed in and around their anus and then lets pigeons peck the seed out.
Bob: Mate I went to Nelsons Column the other day and got pigeon holed.
Dave: Cotching mate
by Sick Breh November 9, 2006
Pigeon holing is when you put bread crumbs on your girls pussy and eat her out like a pigeon.
Babe, there’s still bread crumbs in your beard from all that pigeon holing last night.
by Lucky Dawg October 28, 2022