Southern slang term for a fresh cooked bulk batch of crack cocaine. Etymology derived from the metal pie tins commonly used to cook/cure the finished product; the term "cooking" as well.
"Shit mane I'm boutta cook a 14 mane"
"Damn bruh that's a whole pie right there!"

"You ain't neva seen them pies, talking so much white, itta hurt ya eyes" - Young Jeezy, Trap Motivation 101
by TrapTalkWithBigD February 25, 2021
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A very wealthy, upper-class person. Can be a male or female. Males are mainly always dressed in button-downs followed by a cashmere sweater vest and prada shoes, Females can be seen wearing fur vests and Jimmy-Choos. They have no regard for people around them just primarily their blackberrys and IPhone 4S's. They mostly always have shit looks on their faces and will growl at you if you cut them in line at Starbucks for their daily Triple Grande Espresso, or cut them off in the parking lot at Bagels-4-U.
Person 1: Bro, do you see his shoes?
Person 2: PRADA!? Dude, pie.
by NathyLight November 13, 2011
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