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It was an idea i had when i was on the phone to the bestest person on the planet lol! It is slang for that hole u piss out of.
haha that's the wrong hole you fool, that's my piddle pipe!!

i pee from my piddle pipe.

i just secreted urine from my piddle pipe.
by Hollie March 13, 2005
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Synonym of urethra, piss hole.

The hole from which urine or piss is excreted from your sexy, sexy body (unless you are fat. then your body is not sexy at all).
I think I have an STD cos I can feel a stinging sensation up my piddle pipe.

Jaunty, you're shit at cunnilingus; you're licking my piddle pipe instead of my clitoris. Sort it out.

Oh no I've accidentally set fire to my pubes and now my piddle pipe has 3rd degree burns
by Mary March 13, 2005
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