1. Zoe
2. Jessopjessopjessop
"Zoe and Jessop are such picture whores"
by Ingram April 7, 2005
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Dumb bitches that run around with digital cameras and take pictures of themselves and their friends to post on picture trails to prove to others that they have friends. This type is most commonly found on the Long Island region, and other affluent suburban neighborhoods.
"Was the party dope?"
"Nah yo, it was filled with dumb ass picture whores who were trying to smoke my tree."
by jamesthe3rd February 13, 2006
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People mainly girls but some boys who take more than 200-300 pictures on their camera and upload it to social networking sites and caption it saying that they look ugly or terrible so people wil give them compliments in the comment box.
Picture whore: "i looke so ugly in this picture"

Person B: "Wow you look fine ok? stop being such a picture whore.."
by igottapee October 17, 2010
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A wife/girlfriend (any girl really) who takes pictures of themselves in lingerie or nothing and then texts/e-mails them to a near stranger or someone she just met.
I can't beleive those pics your wife sent out. She is shuch a picture whore. She might as well charge for them and bring in some cash. It's no less degradable.
by Classy Broad 1018 October 13, 2010
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Kids on livejournal.com and other such sites that take thousands of pictures of themselves, most of these pictures look nearly exactly the same as the last picture usually. The irony is that 75% of picture whores claim to believe they're ugly.
Having picture whores on your LJ friends list is annoying, especially if they don't use LJ cuts, so you go to your friends page and it takes an hour to load.
by Jessica May 29, 2005
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a person, normally an art kid, that is both a model and photographer
what a picture whore
by Molly the great September 9, 2005
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sluts on sites like nexopia and myspace that take many pictures of themselves showing off how patheticaly cake faced and unhealthy they are. Pictures are typicaly taken in a mirror with the whores looking stoned or zoned out. Some sluts show it all off and they are the major skankers that should go get an STD and stop crying for attention because their fathers hate them and their boyfriend cheated on them.
"Did you see Megan's 3rd picture on nexopia?"
"oh.. the one where she has no shirt on and her thong pulled up?"
"yes, that one. her and all of her friends are picture whores"
by Diane Cherrie October 19, 2006
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