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One who enjoys taking picture of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, whether it's of themselves, food, places, other people, make up, eyes, toes, objects, clothes, nature, etc. These people don't always like the pictures they take and won't always put them out on a social network to be seen by everyone, but they will keep them anyway for long periods of time simply for the memories. No matter how many pictures they take, they still feel empty.There are never enough pictures.
"Man, Emily is a picture hoarder. She has 1,790 pictures in her phone and refuses to get rid of any. Even the pictures of the ant she took last year!"
by That Cute Person November 16, 2013
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One who takes photos, usually at fun events where other people would like to see said pictures, and fails to upload them or distribute them, ever.
Me friend, Boni, loves to take hundreds of great pictures that would be perfect for myspace or facebook but, unfortunately, she is a picture hoarder and these pictures will never be seen.
by jt1892 October 13, 2008
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