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A psychotronic device is a special class of electronic devices that interface directly with the human brain and central nervous system. at their worst, these devices are typically used for mind control or mind destruction by tuning and directing specific frequencies of microwave energy to resonate with targeted cortical brain areas in the victim. These devices are usually deployed remotely by hostile players in an effort to attack and subvert political or business opponents, whistle-blowers, etc. The devices can insert delusions, voices, or odd sounds inside the sensory receptors of the targeted victim, which can mimic many symptoms of mental illness in a person who would otherwise have a healthy mind. The lack of detectable dammage leaves no evidence of attack.

At their best, psychotronic devices can be used to induce alpha brain states, and can be coupled with positive affirmations and other forms of NLP to help individuals overcome psychological difficulties or achieve meditational states of mind. This type of device is more likely to consist of electrodes or hand-held metal cans which feed a very small pulsing current through the body at a specifice frequency corresponding to the desired brain state. Some examples are the theta state, at 4 to 8 hertz or cycles per second.
Your instructions are to gang block the target. An operative will be working from a nearby rooftop with psychotronic equipment to mentally de-stabilize him.

Dude, check out my new mind machine. I'm going to do some mind-flying with it.

What are you doing? I'm taking apart this microwave oven so I can use the magnetron in it to build a psychotronic device.

"Don't you mean, phsychotronic equipment?"

"No, that's a mis-spelling of the word.

phsychotronic equipment, psychotronic device, psychotronic equipment
by my quantum other self July 25, 2014
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