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Someone so bad at Overwatch that they are forced to stay in the air in order to survive.
Person 1:Oh look a Pharah main
by TaKeN June 20, 2017
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That one autistic bastard on the enemy team that only stays in the air and β€œpredicts” you every movement while firing missiles at your painfully sore asshole. Always hits you off the map with her fucking shit and somehow gets all the praise for stupid shit a 3 month platypus could do with its dick cut off. Once on the ground it is a horrific and tragic sight to find out that they are moving like a retarded ADHD 12 year old with asphergers trying to find the last tide pod to shove up his urethra.
Pharah main: 0wah shiyet I are isn flur ground. DOIIIII DOIIII DOIIII DOIIII

Ana main: When did I go wrong?

Mcree main: When you popped that fucking hung outta your pussy.
by GenjiMain14HealMeNigga January 22, 2018
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