Large sprawling suburb of Washington DC. Noted as the most affluent predominately African-American county in the nation. Often seen as two counties by most locals. The older "inner beltway" communities like Oxon Hill, Hyattsville, Suitland bordering NE and SE DC tend to be poorer and have the bulk of the crime. "Outside beltway" communities especially Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Mitchelville Woodmore and National Harbor tend to be middle class to wealthy. The flagship campus of the University of Maryland is located in College Park. FedEx Field, the home of the Washington Redskins is also located here. Because so many blacks choose to live here, many whites consider the entire county "ghetto" which it isn't.
A lot of Redskin players have mansions in PG County.
by rici45 May 26, 2010
Abbreviation for Prince Georges County, Maryland which is the richest black county in the country. The population is mainly black, but there are "white communities" like Bowie, the largest city in the county. It has bad crime in certain areas bordering Southeast DC, but, contrary to popular belief, it is not entirley a slum. Bowie, the largest city, doesnt even have a police force. Bad public schools are a trademark.
She is from PG county.
by Anonymous 5 September 27, 2005
The wealthiest ghetto in America. Actually the wealthiest predominantly African-American county in the country. The 'wealthiest' status is likely to change as the crime and school system worsens, and the wealthy blacks and ALL the whites leave, being replaced by the poverty stricken residents of SE Wash. DC.
Did you hear about the two murders last night in the 'affluent' community of Largo in pg county?
by mdterp09 May 31, 2008
prince george's county in maryland, aka murdaland. a lot of pg county borders DC, and UMD college park is in prince george's county.
Person 1: What part of Maryland are you from?
Person 2: I'm from PG County.
by morgan9389 August 25, 2007
best known as pistol grip county, officially known as prince george's county. our cops get paid more than state troopers and baltimore city police. enough said.
pg county is the place to be if you wanna be buried 6ft under next to a tree
by wackojarhead April 11, 2013
Suburban County outside of DC in Maryland. Most known as the richest Black county in the country. Also known to lack commercial activity so most PGC people gotta travel to other counties for basic necessities.

Outside the Beltway(I-495)- Upper Middle Class and Rich Black people. Made up of huge suburban houses in subdivisions and parts even have huge mansions.

Inside the Beltway(I-495)- Depending on where you are, could be either working class, low-income or middle class Blacks. A few parts are getting worse since some of the poor of SE DC are getting priced-out and pushed into here.

(Of course there's a few white and hispanic people scattered around)
PGC Guy: Hey, come to my crib to chill

MOCO/NOVA Guy: PG County! No, don't go there, that's the ghetto!!

PGC Guy: Only PARTS of the inner-beltway are ghetto you fuckin retard

MOCO/NOVA Guy: Oh goodness, are you sure?

PGC Guy: Yes, now shut yo ass up before I dump your bama ass in SE DC so you'll see what a real ghetto is
by irwohgaougaoguaittw October 17, 2011
Ok, so I was reading the definitions of "PG County" calling this place a "slum" or some crap like that. It's not.

PG County is the richest mainly black county in the country. This means that, as oppposed to what you yuppie trash think, we aren't drug dealers or gangsters or whatever you think we do. We're just regular people. Having more black people than deemed "normal" doesn't make us a slum. And the public schools aren't all bad, I went there for 13 years and I came out fine. Sure there's crime and MS-13 and stuff like that, but even NOVA has that, so what is everyone comeplaining about? There are many inner-beltway towns such as Colmar Manor, Cottage City, Hyattsville, Bladensburg, etc. We also have outer-beltway towns such as Bowie, Upper Marlboro etc. PG county has a historical landmark town (Greenbelt) and an important war of 1812 battle (look it up). We are also largely ignored by large corporations such as Trader Joe's, Aeropostale, and Forever 21, who won't set up shop here because we are the wrong "economic demographic", apparently.
Person A: Man, PG County's a slum.

Person B: No we're not. Just because we have less cookie cutter developments and more regular houses doesn't make us a slum.
by Yuppers:) September 14, 2010