The act of doing or saying something that has little meaning/significance.

The state of "being" when one does something simply to annoy someone else
"The people in VanBuren 3 called a noise complaint on us."
"That was very petty of them"
by Malcolm R April 27, 2014
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The act of keeping it too real, while others find it offensive. 100% honesty, even if it's β€œmean.”
Alexxis, why did you say his wrinkles make him look like the grinch that stole Christmas, you're so petty!
by QueenLex November 07, 2015
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Someone that is so insignificant as to be almost unworthy of notice, even despicable. Marked by narrowness of mind, ideas, or views. Deliberately nasty for a foolish or trivial reason.
Florence is so petty she took home all the toilet paper, even the one already on the dispenser, because she was mad that she had no friends, no life, and no clue.
by Regina G. June 20, 2007
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Ridiculous. Blows a minor subject out of proportion. Acts out just to piss others off.
Tylers petty ass tried fucking up my plan of stealing his precious blanket.
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by Long_thong January 01, 2017
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