A female that is perpetually petty.

An individual that is too extra.
Oh there go petty Betty, with her petty ass.
by Rachelbadhoe September 26, 2015
drama queen with the blonde bun in this bitch , ' i can be petty but only when i want to . '
- a girl who is petty , but only when she feels like it . ex) when you're not invited to the discord , when someone messes with your friends on the discord / when they change someones rank on discord , the only petty ones are the three in the other chat , wondering why we're messing with them ? we're not coming at you , or when they diss your girl azealia .

" Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . " (JHABF) .
honestly she's the queen of pettiness , that's what a Petty Betty is .
source : Petty Betty - JHABF
"bitch , i may be a petty betty ."

-"bitch , you may be a petty betty , who knows ?"
by JHABF May 29, 2018
A person who is just doing way to much and just need to be told
Bruhh 1: My Substitute teacher Mr.Kingsley pretty cute

Bruhh 2 : My dog is cuter than all the dudes in this school combined.

Bruhh 1: Bruhhh you a PETTY BETTY!!!!
by Girly101 March 14, 2017
Heidi from 196.
Petty Betty matched with my best friend on Tinder to prove she could.
by PettybettyHeidi July 20, 2022