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A female that is perpetually petty.

An individual that is too extra.
Oh there go petty Betty, with her petty ass.
by Rachelbadhoe November 10, 2015
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drama queen with the blonde bun in this bitch , ' i can be petty but only when i want to . '
- a girl who is petty , but only when she feels like it . ex) when you're not invited to the discord , when someone messes with your friends on the discord / when they change someones rank on discord , the only petty ones are the three in the other chat , wondering why we're messing with them ? we're not coming at you , or when they diss your girl azealia .

" Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . Petty Betty . . . " (JHABF) .
honestly she's the queen of pettiness , that's what a Petty Betty is .
source : Petty Betty - JHABF
"bitch , i may be a petty betty ."

-"bitch , you may be a petty betty , who knows ?"
by JHABF June 10, 2018
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Often being confused with petty queen, a petty betty is a person that has surpassed the boundaries of being petty but with a certain level of elegance and class without the destructive tendencies of malicious intent.
Person #1: "Wow, that girl is such a petty betty."
Person #2: "Right? She also posts too much about that grinch-dick."
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by medicina July 20, 2018
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A person who is just doing way to much and just need to be told
Bruhh 1: My Substitute teacher Mr.Kingsley pretty cute

Bruhh 2 : My dog is cuter than all the dudes in this school combined.

Bruhh 1: Bruhhh you a PETTY BETTY!!!!
by Girly101 April 24, 2017
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