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A group of people or one person who talk shit and make indirect comment about people and they don't wanna run they SCARY ASS UP💯💯!!!
Tionna was a petty ass bitch when she was talking shit and didn't say it to my face..
by LilShawty Society May 29, 2016
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Loves getting under peoples skin, even if it hurts them emotionality, mentally, or physically. And loves when people get upset over shit they say or do!!
I love being a petty ass bitch, my girl kayona is a petty ass bitch too!
by Bevins42215 July 17, 2017
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A bitch/s who knows they're in the wrong so talk shit about another person and goes around to everyone making up shit and talking like they're big and bad just so they look cool.

They're known to always be in some drama, and can't keep a steady or loyal relationship
There's too many petty ass bitches posting shit that ain't even true and never say it in person just fight like lil bitches
by Ohlove September 11, 2016
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