To properly sex up, also referred to as piping down, a woman. A particularly extraordinary demonstration of a man's ability to perform sexually.
Stephen: "What did you have to do to get Jasmine to pay your car note?"

Chris: "I Peter Pipered that bitch."
by Peter Pipe July 11, 2013
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shotgunning smoke into a girl's vagina while having a threesome and passing it to your friend who then inhales out the smoke.
donald and I peter pipered that girl last night.
by theHandyman July 13, 2011
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using a pipe organ while giving a blowjob to somone that has rabies and is slightly gnawing on the base of your penis. also known as cornbluffering, shitcocking, or doin' da dirty.
Wanna go peter piper?
by mutharicket September 15, 2007
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A high class creeper, frequents bars preying on young college woman, if not for checking ID's he would be a pedophile!
The old guy who graduated college years ago, who still spends his weekends at the college bars is a Peterpiper
by kdefiner April 03, 2011
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One who sucks on a penis much like as it was a pipe, except for with no carborator.
Let's go eat at Peter Pipes His Penis. Oops, i meant to say Peter Piper Pizza.
by anonymous March 07, 2004
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