Shuichi Kagehara
What a freak! Kagehara is such a perv!”
by bxnkichi October 18, 2021
Used for girls named Leila that are disingenuous.
Leila is a perv.
by betdat November 4, 2022
A person who doesn’t have control over there life and decides to have conversations with a woman’s breath instead of her, or takes it too far, too fast.
Some girl:*goes through puberty*

Some guy: well hello there, little boobies

Some OthEr girl: get outta here!!

First girl: wut a perv
by ShivacadoeHolland August 30, 2019
a man who gets turnd on my any interactions with females
simon is a perv
by satyboi May 15, 2019
When you have to get naked in front of your dad
dad: son get naked for me

perv:a sexual pervert.
by ching chang I like cat/dog November 12, 2019
Listen. To be a real creepy creep, you have to have a lot of perve-a-verance.
by jayveegarren November 22, 2011