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1) (noun) - An assertive person who shares opinions or acts in ways that are stronger than the extant social power structure might predict. Especially of a woman, since men often wrongly expect women to be weak, acquiescent, or void of certain types of knowledge.

2) (adjective) - Exhibiting these characteristics.

3) (noun) - A Philidelphian soup made with meat, tripe, and vegetables that is seasoned with pepper and often contains dumplings.
The guys fumbled through the instruction manual while Bryce's pepper pot wife, Jennifer, indignantly picked up the wrench and finished the project.

"Don't assume I can't contribute just because I'm a woman," she stated coolly.
by Bryce C. June 15, 2008
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The term defined by the members of Monty Python to describe the common middle-aged house-wife in London/Britain, in the late 60's/early 70's. Generally refers to the bodily shape of these women.
Aye Mick, must be off before me Pepperpot catches on.
by Indigofemme July 28, 2005
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A spicy West Indian (Caribbean) soup with dumplings, vegetables, meat and sometimes noodles.

If somebody says you're their pepper pot it means they love you very much
Sean Paul: Babygirl you know this from de start
Well any which part you walk you got me caught, you a di top
Babygirl I put you at the top
Well any which part you walk you got me caught, you a di top
by RealYardie September 26, 2009
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Manchester slang meaning "The love of my life". It's often used ironically, as it sounds like an insult.
A: You're a real pepperpot, you know?
B: What you just call me?
A: A pepperpot
B: Aaw, that's so sweet. Cum in my vagina.
by Captain Cockrash May 19, 2010
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The act of jizzing up a persons nostril, putting pepper up the other, forcing them to sneeze a peppery jizzy mix all over another person.
I was pure steaming last night, I woke up and I'd been pepperpotted. my nose was stinging and there was a hot residue all over the wall
by Waldo aka Jizz Master September 08, 2008
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