A kickass reggae band with some punk influence from Kona, Hawaii.
Pepper kicks some major ass. Pepperlive.com, courtesy of a member of the street team
by Tucker July 17, 2004
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A man who does man things. Drinks, smokes, controls the room, buys the bar, steals your girlfriend and just overall wins in life.
That guy has the best life! "Yea of course... He's a Pepper".

Do you trust him? "Yea he's a pepper"
by DirtyWatta December 28, 2014
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a situation where a guy finds it hot to have someone put a finger in their butt, but the other involved party finds it disturbing and stinky
Greg was all cool until he asked me to pepper him.
by Party Pants March 09, 2006
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A seemingly ugly, non-compliant, and grumpy creature that appears to be unhappy whatever the situation. Usually is showered with patience, encouragement, and love by it's primary caregiver.

Can sometimes lash out or strike by quickly pepping underestimating onlookers hard in the chest, if provoked.
Person 1: "Hey Pepper, how ya doin', hey? Come pepper."

Pepper: (Without moving, glares with scrunched up Pepper face, lifted shoulders, slightly hunched back, and arms bent up close to the chest.) "..."

Person 1: "Awe, there's a Pepper. Hey? Hey Pep? Come on Pepper. Come on Pep... "

Pepper: (Slightly turns away, continues pepping and glaring over shoulder.) "...(slight growl)..."

Person 1: "Pepper. No Pepper."
(To stranger) "Oh, she's never like this."
"What's come over you? Come on Pepper. Don't be shy."

Pepper: "..."

Person 1: "Pepper come on...There's my Pep."
by Dr.Pearlman December 04, 2010
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