: Also featured in "Grey's Anatomy", a person is a trusting friend who helps you out a lot and is just always there for you.
Girl 1: I can trust you with anything, your my person.

Girl 2: Aw, thanks!
by Black123 October 06, 2009
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A byproduct of a sexual encounter between two other people.
Every single person you know only exists because two other people boinked, including those two other people, and the two other people whose liason resulted in their existence, ad infinitum.
by Mike the Ekim October 06, 2008
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People.......A massive living disgrace that walk this earth, living out their pathetic lives as they do everyday. There are no good people, nor are there any people that are worse than another. All people are a waste of flesh and bones. They complain about everything, and always end up destroying something. I am ashamed of being a human, and I hate every moment of my life.
I was outside of a local church, when people started to dispel from the doors. I noticed them all becoming very stressed looking, hitting and yelling at their children, and slandering the "name of God" by going to strip clubs and masturbating to pornography. It just goes to prove that noone is a pure person. Noone.
by Lucifer V^^^^V March 13, 2006
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Ignorant people. We usually leave out the word "ignorant" because ignorant people are considered average.
I hate people!

I love people!

I hate little kids!

Little kids are so cute!

Old people are so cute!

I hate old people!

I hate teenagers!

Gotta love teenagers!
via giphy
by Trisha1 August 10, 2017
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A word that, contrary to popular belief, is a real word. 'Persons' counts individuals, 'People' is more of a collective noun.
This elevators can carry 10 persons.
by LuckyTrixter October 05, 2009
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A person is a word for a human being.
It is weird though.
A person is my dad
who the hell is that person!
by crazy555 July 04, 2005
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