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Pension benefits may be established when a couple breaks up but they continue to have repeated sexual encounters with eachother afterwards for an extended period of time until such time that either or both parties are in a new and exclusive relationship, although in many cases the benefits may continue even in such circumstances, where the benefits are held in a trust by and on behalf of either or both parties to be accessed under certain conditions (such as when in the future neither person is party to an exclusive relationship or when a recipient of the benefit is unaware that the other is in a relationship or when a particular fact does not exclude the entitlement to receive a benefit according to the rules of the benefits held in trust even if their behavior is slutty, promiscuous, and morally reprehensible).
Ryan: Alex, I'm breaking up with you.
Alex: okay.
Ryan: Let's fuck like rabbits!
Alex: Hell yeah, pension benefits!
by Phillip Yœrass July 11, 2013
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