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america's first superhighway (built in the '40s, it even predates l.a. freeways), it is now one of the crappiest sections of interstate in the us
many people choose to take I-68 through maryland to avoid the potholes on I-70/I-76, the PA turnpike
by RoadDude May 09, 2004
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A long highway the stretches from the West Virginia border to the New Jersey state line. It takes about 5 hours with no stops to cross it. When you first get on, you pass through Washington, Pa. Later on, after the exit for Altoona you go through 4 tunnels and end up in Harrisburg. Here, it is only another 2 hours to the border. After 1 hour more, the rest is Philadelphia suburbs, nothing to see there.
Travis: What are you doing this weekend?
Colton: I'm driving over to New Jersey
Travis: You must be taking the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Colton: I sure am.
by Gackle June 27, 2011
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The act of two or more short men intertwining the foreskins of their penis. Similar to docking but more specific.
I went to pornhub to watch some incest porn but all the front page had was some midgets doing the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
by Short White Guy February 09, 2018
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