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Drunken horny loser who thinks he's a babe magnet.

Arises when you mistakenly think the women are interested in you because YOU are drunk (and they are not impressed)

Also, when the beer has made you hyper, and you cannot stop moving/dancing/laughing at every stupid thing. This is the stage where cows get tipped, stuff gets broken, neighbors complain and you get thrown out of public places.
1-Radar was totally in Penis Lord of Scum-mode after swilling trashcan punch at the aloha party, and we have pictures

2-"I am the Penis Lord of Scum. Kneel before me" (said to bikin clad baes momenst before their boyfriends throw you off a balcony)
by Messenger Puppet June 21, 2004
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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