A common syndrom of women and even some men that makes the subject feel infallible and that anything that they say or do is perfect in every way. Named for "Peggy Hill" of the FOX show "King of the Hill" who belives she is a genious and has never made a mistake and refuses to admit defeat in spite of being proved wrong. Symptomes include: obsessive cleaning, argumentation, constant additions of new house or family rules, the constant need to have the last word and the inability to mind ones own buisness, as well as other syndromes fitting to this line of attitude.
One who suffers from Peggy Hill Syndrome often will demand explinations of ones wherabouts and actions of the day, then begin to critisize the logic and reasoning behind the edcisions made during the day, leading into a long night of arguments, all of which are one sided. The syndrom is not the fault of the victom, more than it is of an overly strict upbrining and/or abusive youth.
by Shakleford, Rusty September 21, 2006
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