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This awesomely tasty stuff that comes out of your cock or cunt when you feel like impressing the opposite sex. It feels awesome when your a guy and you piss into a girls cunt.
Girl- Wow Joe! This lemonade is so good!

Joe- It isn't lemonade, it's my pee, fresh out of my cock.
by hornypussylicker April 06, 2009
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What people (mostly men) do on the toilet seat in public toilets and don't bother to wipe it off.
When I went to the public toilet some idiot had peed all over the seat. I had to wipe off the pee!
by a.k is awesome:-) July 16, 2014
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Liquid which comes out of the penis or vagina which is usually the color of yellow.
I asked the teacher to go the bathroom during the quiz, but she said I had to wait until the test was over. After the test was over, I went to the teachers desk and asked if I could go. She said yes. Then I went to the bathroom and went to go PEE in the toilet.
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urine that comes out of a boy's penis or girls vagina
slang: piss
My pants are wet from my pee.
My wet dream was jizz, not pee!

It is common for me to pee myself
by Pee Pants October 26, 2003
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erotic element for sick fucks like Madonna.
Check out that picture of Madonna drinking his pee.
by Hikoo October 08, 2003
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