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One cut above a crapulent carbuncle, a pedunculated pissant is one whose sole purpose in life is making other's miserable, whether it be annoyingcoworkers, a condescending boss, or a control freak step sister. However, they only do these things to make themselves feel bigger, ergo less like an ANT, more like a horse. The term originates from the book The Annoyance Bureau by Lucy Frank.
Lucas: My step sister Phoebe is such a bitch: I have to share a bathroom with her, and she's always screaming at me about leaving the toilet seat up, or getting the floor wet.

Izzy: My boss is just the same. He's always accusing me of being reckless, and I think he wants to steal my invention. He's such a pedunculated pissant.
by KrispyDymond May 27, 2018
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