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A mental illness in which an adult or older teen (16+) is sexually attracted to prepubescent children (typically under 13).

The term is often incorrectly used by idiots to refer to anyone 18 or older who is attracted to someone under 18, but this use of the term is wrong. Attraction to teenagers is NOT pedophilia, and should not be mistaken as such. Genuine pedos should seek help for their condition, to avoid acting on their urges, but the term pedophilia is extremely overused by society nowadays.
Idiot: Hey, did you hear that Jim (age 19) has been talking to Sarah (age 16)? What a pedo - he needs to be locked up!

Normal Person: Are you stupid? That’s literally a 3 year age gap between two teens. Do you even know what pedophilia is? The age of consent is also 16 here, so it would be legal for them to date.

Idiot: You’re defending a pedo? You’re a pedo too then!!

Normal Person: *rolls eyes*
by Upston May 29, 2020
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Ahmed: Wanna walk to the station?
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Sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children, usually under the age of thirteen.

It is also used as a derogatory term for older people who want to have sex with the younguns.
My dad told me that most men around the age of forty have pedophilia in them and I was like "What the fuck dad?!"
by Daniel Day-Lewis September 24, 2008
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An adult or teenager who is simply sexually attracted to a child. see child

Not to be confused with molestor rapist or sexual assault which are separate but can be linked to the above if the pedophile acts on their desires. Sometimes also referred to as nonce

Unlike ephebophilia it is classed as a mental disorder
John: did you see the papers today? some teacher in a primary school was rubbing himself whilst looking up the girls skirts
Dave: wtf? omg what a sick pedo!
John: yeah I hate pedophilia
by FreeSpeechWarrior March 05, 2017
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An automatic death sentence if you are in prison. >:^
At least the homicidal convicts help us get rid of pedophiles by killing them off.
by whatever August 25, 2003
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A sickness in which an adult is sexually attracted to children. Some of these people clamor for "rights" and even offer the twisted idea that we are denying children their rights by classifying pedophilia as what it is.

Pedo: "we are not child molesters! some of us have respectable jobs and make a lot of money! even if we did abuse children, who are you to deny their right to be abused?!"

Human: "Canada Street said somethin' about pedophilia....he said when he has kids, he might just put you to sleep like the rabid dog you are."
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 11, 2006
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