noun and adjective

a; historically used by black folks in the past in a negative way to speak about or refer to white people they considered to be trashy.
b; label used for white gangster in or out of prison.
What's your release date, peckerwood?
by SuezeeSmurd November 6, 2018
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A derogatory slang for someone who is caucasion.
He got three more months added to his sentence for calling the judge a peckerwood
by Em J November 28, 2005
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plural of peckerwood. white folks. honkeys. crackers.
Look at all these peckerwoods shopping at the Gap.
by Tim June 17, 2006
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This is a term used primarily in prisons regarding skineheads, {aryans}, Nazis and just plain out white boys.

It started out as a derogatory word used by the African Americans in the South to refer to white men, but the white men eventually picked it up and started using it for theirselves.

Women are called "Featherwoods" It is the same reference.
That Peckerwood looks fine, he sure is a mighty fine nazi with his aryan look, he is sure to please all the fine featherwoods.
by MJ68 May 9, 2006
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A REAL white boy that slaps the shit out of fake ass niggers.
"Look at that PECKERWOOD stomping those niggers for talking shit".
by REALPECKERWOODRAGE01 September 13, 2008
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A prison term describing someone of the white race. A down ass whiteboy. It takes more strength.. A down wood.
What's his story? He's a peckerwood, a real down ass wood.
by Down ass wood. April 8, 2009
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A Peckerwood is someone who lifts their truck and hangs out at the walmart parking lot vaping until 3 am waiting on the milfs to show up from the bar because they forgot milk and the need to give a cows titty milk to their little trailer park shit kids in the morning lol anyways where was i oh thats right a Peckerwood is a cracker ass cracker from the holla that chews tobacco and teaches their kids to hate folks of color because they dont even know what an "N" word is but they are gonna hate it a Peckerwood has a red neck and calloused hands they like to blow exaust fumes from their diesel trucks at unsuspecting innocent bystanders while they laugh and throw devil horns at each other they drink till they puke in hotels wile they skip work and gi to truck shows out of state a Peckerwood prefers money over bitches your better off having a Peckerwood as a friend than an enemy because they will scissor kick you in the gizzard Peckerwoods are Down ass pieces of white bread from around they way the hunt fish fight and cuss like a sailor they will give you the shirt off your back then choke you with it Peckerwoods live in the moment and dont give two shits what you think about their pasty asses
Ricky stop drinking all night. Stop doing burnouts in your lifted truck. Cody please dont puke in rickys shower anymore. Y'allz a bunch ah straight PECKERWOODS!
by MyBallzizHot September 27, 2019
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