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A musical band, usually classified as rock or metal, that has a lead singer that sounds like he took a bite of a peanut butter sandwich and got it stuck on the roof of his mouth.
Here are some examples of a peanut butter band:

Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society- In This River- (before peanut butter sandwich) "I've been walking around this world and I see no end"

(after peanut butter sandwich bite) "Urr've beern worrkin aroun this wurrrl urn I see no eeeuurrrnnn."

Creed- My Own Prison- (before peanut butter sandwich bite) "The court is in session. The verdict is in."

(after peanut butter sandwich bite) "Da coat is urn seshurn. The vurrdurct is eeurrn."
by Richard Cox Head March 12, 2014
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