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a girl who follows the trend of peace, yet still buys clothes made in sweatshops in other countries, drives an SUV, increasing foreign oil dependency, and usually is a bitch, therefore causing drama and bringing anything but peace to the world. another requirement of a peace whore is that they hop on different "peaceful" bandwagons. one week, they're pro animal rights, the next, it's "go green!". the most notable characteristic of a peace whore is that they do absolutely nothing to bring peace to the world and do nothing to help the cause they carelessly promote. (the connection here is that peace whore rhymes with peace corps, for those of you a little on the slower side)
danny: wow, amanda sure is a proponent of peace. i mean, look at that shirt she bought from urban outfitters, and her myspace name: "aMaNDa -NO WAR- <3". she must be the real deal!

jack: nah man, that bitch is just a peace whore. last week she was all up on PETA, this week, it's anti-war... her myspace name literally changes with the calender...
by whitestboyalive April 24, 2008
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A percentage of young women that enter the "US Peace Corps" and build promiscuous reputation among both the Peace Corps and the expat community.
Gosh that peace whore stole my boy girl!
by gurusabas April 19, 2009
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