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a story that has no point whatsoever.
person one: i talked to my mum on the phone today..
person two: yeah?
person one: thats it.
person two: what a pat story..
by ilovejellybeans April 01, 2009
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A story whose entertainment value and educational merit are, during relation, deceptively exaggerated far beyond their true significance in an attempt to gain social acceptance, usually involving extended family members.
Person 1: This weekend i was out sailing and a 20-25knt southerly was giving us constant wind, just cruising along.... then they said..... then my uncle mentioned that he had....... and as we were pulling up at the pontoon my cousin found a $20 note.
Person 2: Cool story Pat. Now as I was saying..
Person 3: i didnt want to listen to another Pat Story, Id rather watch grass grow.
by the particular Pat January 07, 2010
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