This is an interjection cried out at the sight of a party foul so horrible that it abruptly ends the party.

There are a number of ways to commit a party fail, but the most effective is by punching a wall while yelling "Reagan Smash!" or "Party's OVER!" or "I'm a douche!"

You may as well yell the last one, because by committing a party fail, you will be called a douche. Forever.
Brian and Chad tried to end the party with their words, but what really ended it was Sean punching a hole in the wall and yelling "Party's OVER!" That douche committed an epic party fail.
by NoMSG September 10, 2010
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Top Definition
the ultimate party foul. an act so terrible it could very well bring an untimely death to the party. a party foul is spilling a beer. a party fail is knocking over a keg and having it explode.
After drunkenly making out with a 250 pound girl, bob fell down the stairs and proceeded to piss himself on the host's carpet. he has party failed
by superconar April 11, 2008
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Used to describe a group of people that suck all at the same time. It must be at least 3 or more people and there is no limit to how many people can be in the, Party.
Tom,cindy, and even together-Party Fail

by irishjoy July 22, 2008
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Is defined as when you are drinking from a bottle, and its only a little left, the host of the party has to finish it as a shot
Its your room, you gotta do the party fail
by pikevilleguy December 12, 2010
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