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This girl can be identified from her attire, banter, and lack of alcohol/ skill of mooching alcohol off of people with lines including the phrase, "shots?"
Her clothes tend to be busty, but loose in the midriff region, the classic maternity shirt. In winter months they tend to have North Face Jackets and Ugg boots. If they by some weird chance of fate have alcohol it is in a handbag that costs as much as a small American car. Their alcohol of choice tends to be Vodka, but these girls are not limited to vodka.
Did you see the party trolls walk into that frat house?
by Aaron and Mitch May 03, 2008
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A person who, quite literally, trolls the party. They have been known to steal everything from beer to cheese to trix yogurt to peanut butter from people's houses while they have parties.
"That kid is such a party troll...he takes beer from parties and hides it in the dryer"
"Did you hear he stole cheese from a party? What a party troll!"
by lawwwlll thomas February 11, 2010
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