When someone pukes on your dick during a blow job, then you proceed to have anal sex with the same person while they continue to puke.
I promised my boyfriend anal sex on his birthday, but then threw up and he became a party pooper.
by Perry the Party Pooper December 19, 2020
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Hanna Tuulonen
Hanna Tuulonen just refused me to play Wagner for the workers in our yard, she’s such a Party Pooper!
by The trutharian March 12, 2020
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Whilst this can be confused with the term 'Party Pooper', a slang term used to describe one who takes away the fun in a particular situation.

The 'Party-Pooper' is a prank that involves taking one's feces and placing it within an unused party popper. Once the party popper is pulled, the aforementioned feces is then shot out alongside the streamers.
Person 1: How was the party?

Person 2: It was pretty crappy once someone decided to pull a 'Party-Pooper'.
by MrAnonymousDude February 07, 2017
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Someone who makes a party very quiet over stupid reason for example.
God Damnit April why did you do that your such a party pooper.
by Penny Fei Cho Xiao September 12, 2017
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