One who attends any social gathering such as a party, and makes frequent trips to the bathroom...
Paul: Dude, dont forget to invite Jeff tonight?
LeRoy: Hell no, we ain't inviting that Party pooper, last time it took me days to unclog that toilet....
by Karl S March 07, 2008
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Portable toilets used at a public party, concert, or event.
There's a long line at the party poopers.
by Genuine Nerd September 21, 2009
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Better known as a Carmin. When some one rains on your parade.
Dude: Man alive, that parade was awesome!

Carmin the Raincloud: Ha ha ha, I am going to rain on you and Poop on your Parade!

Dude: Jeeze, Carmin the Raincloud. You sure are a Party Pooper.
by The Trailmaster April 09, 2010
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A person goes to parties whose main purpose is to go there and shit it up, leave a bigass dump and then leave
Yo that dude cooks is a party pooper, my guy just straight shat it up.
by fcdoggo March 15, 2020
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Someone who ruins a party and/or makes it no fun, as in throwing away the beer or draining the pool in the backyard.
Man, that guy's a real party pooper. He told on us to my parents, who got mad at me and stopped the party.
by DefBruh December 08, 2015
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"Hey girl you lookin good in those tight jeans, looks like you haulin round tonight's party pooper."

"I can take all y'all in this party pooper."
by thestickygreenman February 28, 2016
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