A fat joint in a cone shape, packed with weed. Its size and shape almost resemble that of a classic party hat and it is designed to deliver one hell of a party.
I got a fucking party hat going on over here. Gonna hot box the fucking planet.
by smokezilla February 23, 2011
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A conglomerate of awesome persons, events, or things in a single area or event
"What? James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel were all in Freaks and Geeks? Plus it was produced by Judd Apatow? What a Party Hat."

"This year's Coachella was a Party Hat! Damn that Tupac Hologram!"
by kateniss cofferybean May 23, 2012
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An uncircumsized penis. The extra skin acts as a hat.
"I had to pull back Shawn's party hat to even tongue his tip when I was fellating him." Exclaimed Christine.
by PartyFavors.com December 04, 2008
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This is given to an opposing player in the Halo videogame series when a plasma grenade is stuck to their head. The name originates from the blueish glow right before the grenade detonates.
Halo player 1: Here you go, a personal party hat just for you! *stick*

Halo player 2: Whah? *booom*
by CallMeNightmare April 22, 2009
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poop in a Party hat and cum on the poop and put the hat on a person head and when they take the head off they will have the poop stuck on their head
Bob just gave Lucy a Party Hat.
by Stinky Rebel August 11, 2008
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That one person in your tribe who is always happy and ready to make some bad decisions.
Make sure Party Hat is not the designated driver tonight!
by Cookieporn May 18, 2018
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Another name for a bulging erection. Sometimes referred to as rise in the Levis, pitched tent, or hound mound.
As soon as she walked into the room every straight guy in the place had on a party hat.
by Raidneck88 January 18, 2019
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