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1. A noun describing various club drugs. Generally refers to the harder club-drugs like methamphetamine, ecstasy, GHB or cocaine.
I am so looking forward to the rave this weekend. Make sure Peter gets the party favours or else we are going to walk into the Twilight Zone if we're not on the same level as everyone else.

club drugs ecstasy methamphetamine GHB
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015
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This occurs when a person has had one too many huge cocks slammed into their ass. The starfish has now lost all elasticity & is streched out beyond belief. Whenever this individual laughs, coughs, or merely breathes the rectum rolls out like that of a frog's tongue or a new years eve noise maker.
Susie laughed so hard on my 40th birthday she startled me with her bright pink party favour. Pfffffffffft!
by Mike Edge October 01, 2007
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When at a big party remove the lid to the toilet's resivoir and take a dump in it or a wizz. When the toilet gets flushed pee or shitty water will just fill up the toilet bowl again.
"My party favour confused the shit out of that guy he stayed there flushing for hours"
by dommickey August 30, 2006
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