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having a few gay-ish tendencies. i.e.. maybe wearing too much pink, or just always grabbing your male friends ass or weiners for fun. note: part gay can also be referred to as "rated pg" or "pg13" if they are acting like a teenager and gay at the same time.
dude, i swear palmer is part gay, he's always trying to get in the shower with me and for some reason he thinks it's really funny.
by trichards June 05, 2007
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Some one who is part gay or part lesbian. Also known as someone who likes men and women. A bi sexual.
dude1:"Dude I can't believe Miley and Amanda are partically together! Didn't you two fuck a bunch?"
dude2:"Yeah dude it's totally fucked! I had no idea she'd turn out bi. She was totallt straight last i checked. I even heard they scissored in the girls bathroom at school!"
dude1:"Wow man. She's part gay."
by RiRi's Imagination November 17, 2009
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