An exuse for a bunch of running and jumping and being able to not get in trouble
Guy1: hey let's go do some parkour.
Guy2: yes I always wanted an exuse for jumping and running! Let's go
by Minemonkey9999 December 14, 2014
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Parkour is my best friend! And to me the meaning of parkour is a way to jump over obstacles. And it isn't about points, or showing off but it can be about competition. I have lots of friends that do parkour and when you do parkour you should have fun. The main reason I have fun with parkour is because I'm with friends.
Me and my friends do parkour, parkour is the best
by spencer_the_skater21 February 27, 2015
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The use of your environment to move from point A to point B in the quickest time possible.

Often times considered a sport, but that is false. Parkour is more of a lifestyle than a sport. It cannot be a sport in that there are no rules, teams, nor strict styles and "fields".

Many people will form a "team" but do not realize that it is only a group or club. More often considered a community.

Commonly confused with Freerunning
I will parkour from that building to the next.
by keiien November 26, 2012
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1. Jumping on to things
2. Jumping off of things
when i do parkour, i get in the zone. i see a bench, i know that i can go up to it, jump off and tumble, or just run around the bench and tumble. theres so many options!
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To fuck a bitch 7 times in a 24-hour span
man jacob parkoured that israeli bitch alll damn day

i wonder if that guys dick is sore from that hard core parkour
by hard core parkour January 04, 2010
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The best thing invented since music. to me, its all about having fun, chilling with my friends, teaching the n00bs untill they get good, chilling with them. its only comparable to skateboarding. parkour is Art.
parkour is fun.
by ska26 July 26, 2009
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The reason why we should really watch the new generation.

In parkour, instead of sitting down you can do a back flip hip turn and then sit down. Parkour is just another things emos do to attention seek. Next time you're in town, look for the retard climbing a bin.

You'll think this is shit, but think about this question.

Do you really want a fat emo running and doing backflips on your car bonnet?
Emo 1; Did you see dat? I did sum sik parkour tripl backflipz
Emo 2; KWL.
by Floorbuster February 05, 2007
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