The best thing invented since music. to me, its all about having fun, chilling with my friends, teaching the n00bs untill they get good, chilling with them. its only comparable to skateboarding. parkour is Art.
parkour is fun.
by ska26 July 26, 2009
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The reason why we should really watch the new generation.

In parkour, instead of sitting down you can do a back flip hip turn and then sit down. Parkour is just another things emos do to attention seek. Next time you're in town, look for the retard climbing a bin.

You'll think this is shit, but think about this question.

Do you really want a fat emo running and doing backflips on your car bonnet?
Emo 1; Did you see dat? I did sum sik parkour tripl backflipz
Emo 2; KWL.
by Floorbuster February 05, 2007
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Getting from A to Z as fast as one can, jumping over buildings and rolling around.
I parkoured in Steven's house yesterday. It was fun until he shot at me with one of his guns.
by SMmmmmmmm September 29, 2013
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Parkour is a way of movement in which the tracer or traceuse'sbody gets from one place to another by adapting to ones environment in which he or she can overcome obstacles from rails to walls by jumping, leaping, vaulting or using any other parkour techniques in the fastest and most fluid way possible no matter what kind of architecture he or she is facing.

Parkour is often confused by Free running which is a different concept because free running is parkour with more flips and tricks. Though, free running can still be very fun.

Parkour was invented by a French man named David Belle who is now an actor and probably the best traceur ever who now does a little bit of free running (but no he did not invent free running). I believe he invented parkour somewhere around the 90s meaning that parkour is still new to the world. He is still alive as of the year of 2012

Parkour not only involves facing obstacles like fences or rails but also mental ones because it is scary at some points therefore it is a discipline. Parkour is a great way to live life the way it should be: by taking risks. That is why I do it. It also teaches and inspires you to try new things even some that you first thought you would never ever do or try and I tell you this from personal experience. Just do it!

Go to YouTube and watch parkour literally
"Wow! Why is that guy getting past those walls really fast"
" He does parkour"

"Many people call me a monkey or a ninja because I do parkour"
by Adrian001 July 31, 2012
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The act of pretending you are a child once more, in the fact that, the participants run around spastically pretending that the whole world is a playground. "Parkour" is the disguise used to excuse participants' child-like behavior.
"I'm thinking about doing some Parkour this evening. Wanna come?"
"Dude... there's a playground just down the block. Just spaz out there instead"
by Cobalt Chaox May 11, 2006
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