What may be referred to by some as a sport or a discipline, but what is really a foolish activity done by losers that have no real ability to play any real traditional sports or marital arts.
Joe: Want to go to the courts and play some ball?
John: No, I suck at basketball so instead I'm going to do some parkour. You know that stupid activity where you go in a straight line and go over obstacles instead of around them?
by Guru on a hill May 28, 2012
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(sometimes abbreviated to PK), or l'art du déplacement (English: the art of movement) is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment.

In short, it's the French art of "running away". Early iterations were witnessed in the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II. The key is to lay down your weapons, and run away from Germans.

If you recall - the French haven't won a combat engagement since Napoleon. They have folded 3 times to the Germans in the last 100 years. Their "resistance" sold out more of their friends and family than actually provided real resistance.

All of this led up to the development of parkour - the French art of running away.
Look at that weak and pasty buttdart running from that scary rabbit... he is practicing parkour.
by Flaccid Tallywhacker December 19, 2010
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1. The most pretentious douchy way to travel.
2. The mistaken belief that every surface has the traction needed to stick your landing.
3. Natural selection.
1. I have my own parkour channel on youtube with 1 million views.
2. Through parkour, I can travel across moss covered roofs of london and survive.
3. Parkour has helped us eliminated some of dumbest people in the world.
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by wakkadoodooo November 03, 2016
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The art/discipline, created by David Belle, in which participants (Men = Traceurs, Women = Traceuses) find the most efficient route from point A to point B by running, jumping, vaulting, and rolling obstacles that get in their way.

Not to be confused with Free Running, which is about fluidity rather than efficiency.
The Traceur used Parkour to get from his house to the train station.

Parkour is the art of movement.
by Setnochima April 15, 2007
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Parkour (also called Le Parkour, PK, or free running) is a quasi-sport in which participants attempt to clear all obstacles in their path in the most fluid manner possible.
A traceur is a participant of parkour. The term free-runner has been commonly adopted by the media following the use of the term by Sebastien Foucan in Jump London. The same program led to the use of another term, free-running. The term free-running has been widely used by journalists to describe parkour-like activity, but which commonly features more emphasis on 'showy' moves than are a feature of genuine parkour.

The ultimate goal in parkour is to ‘flow’ along one’s path, for the entire journey to be as one fluid movement with no pauses or breaks. A principal rule of parkour is to never go backwards. Traceurs believe that there is a path to every obstacle which is achieved through forward movement.

The magnitude and technicality of a move in parkour are secondary to the flow and beauty of it. Explains Jerome Ben Aoues, one of the traceurs featured in the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary Jump London, “The most important thing really is the harmony between you and the obstacle; the movement has to be elegant, that's what will make it prettier. Length and distance only add to the beauty of the move, if you manage to pass over the fence elegantly that's beautiful, rather than saying ‘I jumped the lot.’ What's the point in that?”

To many, parkour is an extreme sport, to others a discipline more comparable to martial arts, to others an art form akin to dance, a way to encapsulate human movement in its most beautiful form. Parkour also inspires freedom; being free in an urban environment designed to trap, not restricted by railings, staircases, even buildings. (See Situationist). It is for many people a way of life.
by www.valleyfreerunners.com October 01, 2005
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The best sport on earth.

Parkour is the art of movement. The discipline of using your body to overcome any and all obstacles in your path.

Not only is Parkour a sport, but also a way of life. parkour practitioners, called traceurs, often share the "parkour mentality": That all obstacles, mental and physical, can be overcome.
John: Holy shit why is that guy climbing the church!?
Joe: It's parkour, dude.
by mickeynotmouse September 04, 2010
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