Someone that keeps spamming the chat with "add me" or similar messages.
New Player: add me
S0m30n3: Okay everyone, here's how you block parasites...
by RavensFlight April 18, 2019
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1) A person who leaches off its host, by taking any money they did not earn, by means of the host's wages, retirement, or other sources of income, and making no effort themselves to become self-sustaining and a functioning member of society, so that they themselves can become an independent being

2) A person who takes all of what another owns, e.g., property or money, and leaving them with very little to survive, nearly killing off its host, sometimes through the assistance of another, such as an attorney who is no different, who may assist with the slow death of its host through a sales pitch to the judge, that their client deserves to suck it's host dry of its money through alimony
"That poor excuse of a woman is such a parasite, living off her ex husband's money that she never worked for. She should get up and get a job so she can provide for herself. "
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by Ex's Take My Life April 08, 2018
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A username, handle or screen name that feeds off the popularity of the same username, screen name, or handle. When more than one user has the same screen name, and the other user has attempted to mimic the language of the first user to make the post look like it came from someone else.
The parasite now has your screen name and started trying to copy the way you talk to make it look like it was all your posts.
by Ghost of Nate Abel Cox September 10, 2019
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A parasite is a thing in which sticks to people and acts like one of them. It is a fake bug and can cause memory changes to adapt to the parasite. Kind of like people.
"The parasite is trying to stick to me"
"Dont you mean Yuka?"
"Exactly thats what a parasite is!!"
by Minehodgid October 29, 2018
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When something or someone is attached to you even tho you don't want them to and the follow you around and won't leave you alone
Example: Why do you keep following me, you're such a parasite
by Puppy 1234 April 21, 2017
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