"eat pant" is a bootleg version of Bart Simpsons from "The Simpsons" catchphrase which is "Eat my shorts!" The words come from a birthday cake which had a poorly made image of Bart next to the text which was spelt like "eAT PANT"
"Hey Joe! do you want to eat pant today?"
by Reidling123 August 27, 2023
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Pantsing someone then shoving a pipe bomb up there ass until you reach the intestines
by Account unknown April 20, 2023
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poop pants no diaper is funny????????????
by Zecter April 6, 2021
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Someone snobby and self centred, who thinks that they’re better than anyone else.
Person 1 : “Do you know John?”
Person 2: “Yeah… he’s such a candy pants!”
by ronmark1 May 11, 2022
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"French pants" mean a really sexy underwear that most french canadian wear. Only really lucky men have seen these type of delicate lingerie.

Can also mean smart sexy ass.
While travelling in Australia, Justin and Marty had both France pants but never get to see French pants. They went back to English Canada where woman still think France in the pants is fashionable...
by Dumurousse June 13, 2017
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A friend of the Pigeon, Lord Custard first became known to men of science in the late 1900"s
His Redactive Pigeon Cages were both a scientific and an engineering leap forward, but were considered commercially unviable.

That nonwithstanding, he was cast out from the group of scientists (The Group of the Golden Compass) and sent into the academic wilderness in Manitoba (Canada).

Alone and unloved, he turned once again to the pigeon community for support and guidance, and was granted such.

During 12 long years, he wrote, re-wrote and finsalised his Magnus Opus, al la Ubermench - 'I am a Pigeon, Get Me Out Of Here'

B 1945
D 1998
I am a gigantic pigeon and I must be given sanctuary , for I am none other than Lord Custard Pigeon-Pants
by realistic mud 777 December 4, 2010
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